Good Day All!

My name is Leesah and this blog is a place where I plan to document my progress of learning 31 things in the next  year.  Some of these are personal growth, intangible things.  Some are far more tangible like learning my grandma’s tried tested and true perogy and cabbage roll recipes or learning photography.

All of this started due to a path of self discovery I have been on since the spring of this year.   I won’t bore you with the details yet as I’m sure that they will come out in different times in the blog, but each day has been a learning experience, and a bit of experiment to find out who I am without fear of what others think.

I also felt the need to do this blog as I am someone who likes challenges, learning and goal setting.  The problem I found was sticking to something and learning it completely.  It is my hope that this blog will keep me honest.

So I have the list ready–I worked on it today and I am totally excited.  I have 26 “learnings” established and then I am allowing myself four random ones to adopt through out the next year–essentially one a season.  Perhaps it can be something that friends, other bloggers, readers, etc can suggest. 🙂  I plan on sleeping on it tonight, and looking at it again tomorrow.  If it still fits, I will post it and being my learning journey.

Have a great night and hope you will stay tuned!