The list is ready…woo!

Are you excited?  I know I am.

I am purposely putting these in random order, but I will eventually have to categorize them in some sort of fashion in order to keep this blog organized.  Here it goes

The Learn List–31 Things for my 31 Years

1. Learn to garden

2. Learn to blog

3. Learn my grandma’s recipes for cabbage rolls, perogies and gravy and meatballs

4. Learn to love myself

5. Learn to be more active in my daily life

6. Learn photography basics

7. Learn to edit photos

8. Learn to budget and stick to it

9. Learn to cook a big holiday meal

10. Learn how to say no

11.  Learn to take a more balanced approach to working out

12.  Learn to make pumpkin soup

13.  Learn to do updos/fancy hairstyles

14. Learn to let go of and not re-collect clutter

15. Learn basic sewing skills

16. Learn how to be happy

17. Learn to use my stainless steel and cast iron frying pans

18. Learn to pipe icing

19. Learn to flirt

20. Learn to meditate

21. Learn how to reward myself in healthy ways

22. (Re)Learn to play guitar

23. Learn a useable organization system

24. Learn vegan baking

25.  Learn new ways to measure my self worth

26. Learn to bake a cheesecake

27. (Re)Learn to speak French

28. Open Learning #1- Fall

29. Open Learning #2 – Winter

30. Open Learning #3- Spring

31. Open Learning # 4- Summer