aaah!  Long weekends..gotta love the freedom to sleep in and the amount of time one has to be completely productive/unproductive.  For a change, I chose the former rather than the latter–and it felt GREAT!

First thing, I tested (and took photos #6-starting with aperture lesson) a new recipe from the cookbook Veganomicon–Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes–totally drool worthy–wanna see?

I’m not vegan, though I did a vegan challenge this past June–30 days with no animal products.  I found the restrictions hard, especially in light of the fact that I don’t deal well with food restrictions, but I made it.  I cannot deny that I felt more energized, lighter and my skin was better, just like I have heard and read from celebrities and vegan bloggers.  That being said, I missed eggs…cheese….and the occasional cheeseburger–which everyone in my neighbourhood appeared to be barbecuing 24 hours a day.   After the challenge was over,I over indulged and paid the price–my skin changed, I felt sluggish, lethargic, etc.  So, since I miss that feeling, but I don’t want to miss out on having the foods I love,  my goal is to emulate Mark Bittman and eat vegan/vegetarian whenever I can and allow occasional indulgences on non-vegan foods I love.  I hope that taking this approach to eating and food will help me lead me down the path to a healthy relationship with food, which I have struggled with in the past.

My post breakfast plan was to start Operation First Turkey as I am on the hook for making Christmas dinner this year for my ENTIRE family (see #9 on the list), and I have never made a turkey.  So today was practice round number one–and its a good thing it was practice–it was still completely frozen SOLID.  So I decided to postpone Operation First Turkey til tomorrow and work on cleaning out the clutter (see #14 on the list) in my kitchen.  Several gross hours later, it is clean and I feel fantastic–cleaning has never made me feel as good as it did today.  No wonder people develop cleaning addictions! 😉

I then went to the gym for the first time in 5 days–which is especially not good as I am scheduled run a half marathon in Toronto in October.  Training has been inexplicably hard–not so much physically, but mentally, emotionally–my typical drive, energy and focus was gone and has been more months.  But today, it was different.  My legs weren’t heavy…my breathing was normal…and I focused on the goal (which was 4 miles) and pushed myself to do more (5 miles total).  I’m in shock and I feel great! 🙂

I am now going to bid everyone adieu so I can re-watch True Blood, post Sunday-night Squee (a group of friends who all get together to watch True Blood).   It’s truly amazing how many attractive men there are on that show!  Night night all! 🙂