So…as I had mentioned, I have had issues in the past of taking a balanced approach to workout out….which led to me losing my fitness mojo all together for pretty much all of 2011. Today was a day, due to a horrible night’s sleep last night, that I easily could’ve not gone to the gym and just stayed on the couch…but I didn’t. I was determined not to let lack of sleep and fitness mojo win another round.

I didn’t even phone it in by going on an elliptical (and i think that is ok to do every once in awhile). I just had to try a run for 15 minutes–which is my guide on run days–if I am truly still miserable, then I allow myself to take a break and move on to another activity (say rowing, cycling, weights, etc). But…somehow, in my foggy sleep deprived state, I managed to surprise myself and get in 5 count’em 5 miles!

So clearly this workout was more of mental game as physically I was quite able to get my run groove on…so my question to readers out there is what do you to do motivate yourself on the days you don’t feel like putting in your time? Do you ever “phone it in” and just do an easy workout? How do you decide the difference between I can make it through a workout or today is just not the day?

I love hearing the strategies and ideas of others on this issue because I find that they come in handy on the days when I am just letting the the lazy monster take over, when I really could just go and get it done and over with. πŸ™‚

Oh and one little P.S. to this post–if anyone has any ideas to share in terms of things to think about (ie a distraction) while running–please share those too–my favourite is to run through what I would do if I won the lottery–it works well and I have an exact plan of what i would do–now all I have to do is start playing and winning! πŸ˜‰

Have a good night–off to stretch and torture (aka foam roll) myself into oblivion.

nighty night