So this post is going to be a quick one as I had a brutal sleep last night and I have just popped a few melatonins (woo).

I was up crazy early before my alarm again, so I decided to try my first moment at mediation–the article I read (sorry don’t have the link) said a good time to start is first thing in the morning before dong anything. I sorta broke that rule by reading my email and spying a sale at Banana Republic, which I was very tempted to partake in…and well, i managed to mediate for about 90 seconds before the thought of that sale and the Mad Men line of clothes, popped into my head.

Where the irony comes in is that I could have totally used that “zen” mediation like feeling today at work as it was slightly nutty, mostly chaotic and well, those two combined with me being super tired/worn out, just wasn’t fun.

if anyone has any tips on how to meditate, I am all ears for suggestions!

Sweet dreams everyone and a big thank you for the person who invented melatonin!