So I am doing something kind of odd today–i am posting two blog posts to make up for my absenteeism on the weekend…plus there were too many sorta unrelated things to have in one blog post.  It just would’ve been disjointed and weird…so here we go.  Part 1 is done and part two is below…

Now that it is Monday and I don’t feel completely like death, I can say that this weekend has been one for the ages in terms of leanring. Like…shocking…learning.  Below is a list of the things I have learned–totally appropriate at this blog is about learning to do things and learn about myself and to be me rather than what people want me to be! 🙂

1. Rest and hydration are very important if I want to keep my bad eating habits away and help grow a healthy relationship with food.   I was so sleep deprived and so dehydrated this weekend and it made me feel completely off my game.  All I wanted to do was nibble in attempt to make myself feel better, despite being full and I felt hungover, despite no excess drinkies being imbibed.  Seriously, with how I looked and felt yesterday, you would’ve thought I closed down the bar and was dancing on tables, speakers and whatnot.  The sad thing is that I was so tired that I didn’t see this happening at the time, nor did I have the wherewithal to tell myself what I was doing was silly.    Lesson learned–resolve to get better sleep and bring water wherever I go–esp weddings where the weather is unseasonably warm.

2 My friends will still like me, even if I don’t bring the snacks I promised.  Every Sunday I head over to my friend Michelle’s (she is my friend Lynn’s neighbour) and they host Sunday Night Squee–a bunch of folks in their neighbourhood, plus me, get together to squeal, screech, swear, hug, snort, laugh, yell, drool and for all intents and purposes enjoy True Blood. I normally bring food as its something I like to do, but its something i have also felt compelled to do in my older, unhealthier way of thinking…as I thought that if I didn’t do this, bring something to “earn my keep” with my friends, that they would think less of me as their friend.  It was clear last night, that I was anxious over nothing…nobody noticed I didn’t bring any food and all my anxiety about showing up empty handed was for naught.

3.  Play with the white balance on your camera.  My friend Cindy, who is always a wealth of knowledge, recommended that I play with my white balance at the wedding as it can dramatically shift your pics and how they look.  I did that in the church and was SHOCKED at the difference.   See below:

4. My brilliant idea of keeping Autofocus on, while I worried about other picture settings like Aperature, shutter speed, ISO and White balance, didn’t work.  a large majority of my pics are blurry…and also have random hands, heads, and poofy hairstyles. lol.  Any advice from photographers out there would be appreciated.

Getting my skin back into shape

5. Wearing “party make up” (i got my make up down at Holt Renfrew–Bobbi Brown products–totally gorgeous, btw) and


sweating for 12 plus hours did a number on my skin.  I woke up looking like a pizza this morning and am now trying to rectify with a clay cleansing mask.

Hello Boys!   Actually….Speaking of boys…there were none to flirt with at the wedding.  So i will have to await another occasion to test out my novice flirting skills.  Then again, with this picture being out in public, I reckon no flirting in the world will help. hahaha!

And on that note, I must go wash off my mask before it dries my face into a raisin and enjoy what is left of my day off.  Oh and one last mini lesson–me and manicures don’t work.  Period.  Will vow to do my own nails for events in the future.  Take care and happy Monday to you all!