Happy Sunday Night!

*sigh*  this weekend was so ridiculously productive, especially today, that I hate the thought of going back to work tomorrow.  *sigh* I seriously need to win the lotto.

Today I started my first real attempt at clutter removal.  I started my pot of veggie chilli this morning and then got right to work.  I ended up filling some massive rubbermaid container with books and disposing of one recycling bin and medium sized bag of stuff I didn’t need any more.  I feel super good about that, but the thing that sucks is that there is sooo much further to go.  I also learned that I have waaaay to many body creams (check out the Leesah’s Loves page and you’ll learn why) and that I have a bajillion photos and have no idea what to do with them all…and lots of negatives.  Does anyone have any ideas for old photo storage?  Or is anyone aware of a way to sort through and keep purge photos you may/may not need?

Midway through my big cleaning day, I went to the gym and ran six miles and then did about 20 minutes of leg weights.  After I got home I yoga’d, stretched, foam rolled and ate my yummy chilli with cornbread and maple “butter” while I watched Bridesmaids.  Then after my mini break, I went back to some more light clutter removal and some laundry.  See?  Told ya I was productive. 🙂

And now…for the real reason you are here–the chilli recipe:

Leesah’s Veggie Chilli

Start off with prepping the celery, onions and carrot and throw it into a slow cooker on high.  Let that begin to cook.

Rinse and drain all of you beans, lentils and corn.  Admittedly, you don’t have to use the beans I recommended, but that is what I found works best.  Throw the beans and corn on top of the celery, onions and carrots.

Pour the tomato soup, crushed tomatoes, packet of chilli seasoning, sugar and the rest of the seasonings into the slow cooker.  Give it a light mix and leave it for about 2 hours.  Feel free to adjust and add seasonings as you wish. Some things I have added include: chipotle powder, some cumin, garlic powder, chilli flakes and Tabasco.

Continue to stir occasionally.  After two and a half hours, pop in the zucchini bits and the diced peppers.  You don’t want to put these in too early because they will become mush before the carrots, celery and onions are properly cooked.

Cook the chilli for about four hours.  Try a bite of carrot and celery to make sure they are tender.  Then scoop it in a bowl and enjoy!