When I tell people I run, I always get a bit of a sideways look. I’m not sure if it is because they doubt it because I am carrying some extra lbs or if it’s simply because running has a reputation for being difficult. I choose the latter than the former.

It’s no secret that my run last week was indeed difficult. There were many moments where I felt like quitting, like crying and perhaps finding someway to destroy that torture device known as a treadmill. My 10 miles felt like 100.

This week was different. I felt amazing, light as air and strong. I ran the exact same distance, 10 miles, but it felt like far less and infinitely less painful. I left my gym with a glow far brighter than any pregnant lady.

And this is why I love running. It’s is unpredictable. There are good days and bad days. The bad days make you want to die, but the good days and transformational and make you really feel alive.

I like that all you have to rely on during a run is yourself. Your heart. Your mind. Your legs. Nobody can do it for you.

It will be hard—but keep in mind that it is hard for everyone. If you know that going in, you are ahead of the game.

Just keep at it.

It will hurt (at times). It will heal (at times).

Eventually it will come together. Just run. Run til it hurts. Run til it feels good.

And that is why I love running. I highly recommend you give it a whirl! If you need help getting started, email me at 30andlearning@gmail.com.  Good luck and run on! 🙂