So yesterday, I am walking to meet a friend for an delish unsweetened ice coffee at lunch, when I see this old lady hunched and trying to open a door.  I rush ahead to help her open the door and I notice how truly crazy hunched she is.    She reminded me of a candy cane and it looked so uncomfortable.  A moment later, upon entering the mall, I caught my reflection in a shop window–sure enough I was hunched over a bit myself.

This got me really thinking about my posture and so I spent most of last night researching tips for good posture.  Especially since it was something that my grandma and mother used to bug me about as a kid.  I also thought it might have, at times, contributed to some of my killer headaches after long days at the computer…

Fast forward to today at my physical.  My doctor is doing a body scan and tells me me to stop slouching and sit up.  Then she says “oh!”  Needless to say, this sorta freaked me out a bit, so I ask her in an ever so classic Bugs Bunny way, “what’s up doc?” and she tells me that I have a very mild case of scoliosis.  She said it is so mild that most people wouldn’t even notice (clearly as I am 31 and have never been told this).  Apparently one of my shoulders and one of my hips are slightly higher than the other, which is a tell tale sign of scoliosis.

So my first open learning goal for Leesah’s List for the fall of 2011 is to learn exercises to improve my posture and protect my curvy little back from any future damage caused by my mild case of scoliosis.

Nighty night all!



P.S. everything is all good with my physical…though my headache meds have been delayed, but that is for another post.