….and make some delicious looking pie!

In the last week it has been one of my oldest friend’s and my dad’s birthdays.  They both love key lime pie and I happen to make an incredible one.  And no, I am not being smug or over confident.

But the problem with key lime pie, is that it doesn’t look very special when you plop on the whipped cream.  I have tried in the past to be meticulous and make it look nice…but something always went off…or it took nearly an hour to use this weird piping pump thing that I had, which would make it look a bit fancy.

All that has been forgotten now.  I signed up for a beginners cake decorating course,(it’s one of my List items) but it doesn’t start until November.  What I do have from that class, however, is the equipment–bags, tips, you name it.

So I prepped a bag…picked a tip and voila!

The whole pie with shockingly good amateur piping

want a bite?




Only sad thing is that its clear I know NOTHING about food styling.  Might have to add that to the learning list.

The whipping cream turning out so pretty wasn’t the only victory–but i lost my original recipe for my homemade graham crust about 7 years ago when my parents split up…and haven’t been able to find the right recipe…until today!  So all around, the birthday key lime pies have been a massive success.  YAY!

If folks really, truly want the recipe, let me know in the comments and I’ll post it.  Otherwise, I might just keep this one a lil ol’ secret!  😉

Nighty night sweetie pies!