Hidey Ho everyone!

Day 6 of the photo challenge.  I have several photos…not sure which ones to post…so I am going to post two out of three as they still make me (foolishly) think that summer is still going to stick around for a few more days.  My third shot, which is decent, feels waaay too wintry.

Here’s shot one:

Hollyhocks at my neighbours place

Here’s shot two?

Flowers at my house

Which one do you like best?  🙂

Btw, this weekend in Canadian Thanksgiving! Yay for long weekends.  I plan on making some scrumptious pecan pie for my grandma’s birthday, which we are celebrating at Thanksgiving Lupper (it’s too early for dinner, but it’s too late to call it lunch). I will also be trying my second attempt at cooking turkey.  This time i’m using recipes from the Whole Foods App–hope it doesn’t steer me wrong.

Also, if any readers have turkey cooking tips, let me know in the comments!

Oh and I saw Ides of March tonight–The Gos and Mr. Clooney are totes hot, but the movie is meh.

Nighty night all!  See you on Day 7!