First bad habit–I don’t sleep enough.

Second bad habit–apparently I don’t get enough iron–recent blood tests showed I was dangerously anemic (guess that is why i have found running a bit more of a challenge lately..haha)

Third bad habit–I forget to take pics of the tasty things I make for the blog…and even forget to take pics of the final product.

Bourbon Pecan Pie with a vodka "acorn" crust

Fourth bad habit–I tend to eat too much of the final product…with maple scented whipped cream…*sigh*

Fifth bad habit–I don’t take enough pictures of my extended family (which I tried to rectify tonight)

My cousin's daughter and a future shutterbug


And now I am going to do the massive amount of dishes from making brekkie and smoothies for my running buddy, Miss E as well as two pecan pies.  Tomorrow is Learn to Cook Turkey: Attempt 2…so bad habit number one will continue…there will be very little sleep for me tonight.

Stay tuned and happy Saturday!