Hi All!

So tonight’s photos will be by candlelight as my little area of Winnipeg was struck with a very long power outage thanks to 65+mp/h (or 100Km/h) winds.  It ruined my task list of things to do…so laundry, cleaning, ipod updating, cooking dinner would all have to wait because of the length of the power outage.

Fortunately the power came on around 11 and I managed to get the major tasks: drying out bread cubes for stuffing and making pie dough, complete.  I also prepped my blueberry corn pancakes mixture so I can add the wet ingredients just before going with my friend, the Divine Miss E, for an 8K run in prep for our race in Toronto next week.  I have also planned on making us some strawberry kiwi smoothies to keep us going between the run and me actually cooking us brekkie.

So during my downtime, i was sorta productive…as seen by my photos.  I cubed all my bread and ate dinner which consisted of a glass of red wine, pop chips and an apple, all by candlelight (again you can see some of this in the photos).  This is how I got my candlelit fruit photo…of an apple, which, now that I think of it, is rather appropriate given we lost Steve Jobs this week.


The bread...

The wine! YUM!

The apple...

Night night!