So this post is basically about my grandparents….just an FYI.  The fact that it just happens to be Canadian thanksgiving, makes this even more meaningful.

Day 9’s picture is someone you love:  here he is…though a smidge blurry–my 85 year old grandpa.

My grampy!


And here is a childhood memory–Fergasa bread

Fergasa Bread from La Grotta in Winnipeg YUM!

My childhood memory of this is when my grandma used to take me grocery shopping with her when I would have days off from school.  We’d go to Safeway and pick up mini loaves of Fergasa bread…and the smell of the onions, cheese and bread would be overwhelming and the taste of this bread, reminds me of being a kid.  The bread is no longer sold in Safeway, only a boutique-y grocery store in the south end, which is way to far for my grandma to drive.  So when i can, i run out to the store and pick her up a loaf just because she is awesome and she deserves it.  On this most recent trip, I also grabbed one for myself…and its heavenly.

btw–here is the turkey I made for thanksgiving.  I also made stuffing, but i forgot to take a photo.

My fancy, free range, organic fresh turkey from La Grotta