Hey All!

Thought I have, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the whole 30 day photo challenge thing, I feel like I have neglected the “learning” and life part of my blog.  As a result, I am going to give a quick update of things that are on my mind and as always, I would love to hear the thoughts/perspectives of others. 🙂

Number one–I found out that I was dangerously anemic.  Not so much my actual iron level, but my hemoglobin count was at -9! YIKES!   My doctor was amazed I was still managing to make it through any of my training runs.  I am now on iron pills which are not fun things to be on…and have to be on them until the end of December when my follow up appointment is.  The one thing good about this, however, is that I don’t feel so awful for not having energy to do really difficult workouts as it appears that something else was going on inside.

Number two–I let my “woe is me” feelings from last Friday’s disaster dinner (as read in my post My Story and a Mean Girl) motivate me to take action on my single status and end my dating hiatus.  I joined match.ca.  *sigh*  I’m not thinking this is going to work and that I wasted $120.  So far my matches have been significantly older or significantly younger, not living in my city (rather in surrounding States and Provinces), or just generally unattractive in terms of their posturing in their photos or profiles.  I don’t want to date a twenty two year old…and I don’t want to date a 48 year old widower looking for a young new mommy for his daughter.  I want a guy around my age, who isn’t a complete douche, who has some form of education or knowledge of the world outside of UFC or our local football team.  The best “deal” was signing up for six months…I can’t imagine what sorts of guys are going to come across my virtual path in that time.

Number three–i caught a nasty virus last week (which i had mentioned) which succeeded in derailing my workouts for this week, my energy levels and my food tracking…combine this with two big thanksgiving meals and well, my journey to my fighting wait will be set back a few steps.  My goal is to come back from running the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon next Sunday and being ready to fight and get back on the long and wild trek.

Number four–all of this learning of new things and self discovery has made me question whether or not the job I have is what I want to do for the rest of my life.   My question to the blogosphere is how did you know what you wanted to do in your life?  Has anyone made an large career changes in a later stage of life?  How did you come to realize the new path?  I’ve been tempted to go visit a career counselor to see what they can offer in terms of ideas, inspiration and potential paths to follow in order to find my right fit.

Number five–I have decided to give all my closest friends and family baked goods as Christmas gifts this year.  This way its thoughtful and (hopefully) not too expensive or stressful.  I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what quantities one would give of a specific recipe and also, if anyone can share any classic links to great recipes they use during the holidays?  Also, speaking of holidays, my stuffing recipe was only mildly received and I want to make it a knock out–anyone have a recipe to share?