Hey Everyone!

I still seem to be suffering from some crazy post Toronto hangover as I feel like I could fall asleep sitting here at my computer….and I also felt like I could’ve fallen asleep on the treadmill tonight, which, arguably, would be quite the feat!

In order to deliver on what i promised–I will show you the one overly indulgent but super fabulous treat I bought myself.  You know the one…the one that starts with a B and ends with a Y and keeps me snuggly warm?


Me and my new Burberry Cashmere Scarf! Squee! 🙂 And my cool New Yorker t-shirt

Sincerely though, I will post more pics–i have some neat ones…not necessarily of Toronto, but of food, puppies, flowers, skylines and I have some restaurant recommendations as well!

Thanks for your patience!