I am so pumped….

The weekend is almost here…and that means a chance to sleep in, hanging with friends, back to my Saturday morning gym routine (*shudder* lol) and best of all–I am going to get my hair done! WOOO!

This is what I am hoping my master stylist Guy can re-create and teach me to do…though admittedly, a shorter version for the time being.

Kate B's gorgeous hair!


Fingers crossed that I can do this on my own! 🙂

Also, had a great run today. I did 3 miles of speed work and felt really strong and awesome.  Then I followed up with 20 minutes of weights and a 3 minute test run on my gym’s newest piece of equipment–Jacob’s Ladder.  After seeing it on Biggest Loser for ages, I was dying to try it out.  It was tough, but fun.  I can see attempting to work up my endurance on the machine…well and not killing myself as it seems to require some concentration and coordination.

Anyway, I must get to bed–i have been going to bed much earlier in an attempt to lose this whole Toronto Hangover vibe and its working…so I’m going to go with it.  So on that note–Nighty night all and Happy Friday!

Luv Leesah