Hello all and Happy Halloween!

Let’s just say the last few weeks have been awful.  It’s been a lot of this:

My illness battling tools (not pictured in Sinutab which was desperately purchased later)

As well as a few days of migraine and some late days at work…

I just didn’t have it in me to blog…nor did I have it to make it to the gym–needless to say my pants are tighter than ever and i feel rolly poly.

I did manage to sneak in my cookie decorating night with my friend L and her five year old daughter B.  Here are the results:

Cookies--batch one

Not too shabby.   B totally loved decorating and “sprinkling” her cookies–i am sure you can tell which ones for her.  She also took pity on me and did some of my cookies as I was too slow. 🙂  I think I only did about 5 cookies–my top two faves are my fangs and my ghost, who’s face resembles Ghostface from Scream.  Both are in Batch one.  If you want to see them closer up, let me know and I will post the photos.




Batch two


So on this note…and again, my apologies for being a bad blogger, I am coming back and doing so with a vengeance–i am going to do the last 18 days of the photo challenge that I have not yet posted (i have most of the pics) and getting back to fitness for tomorrow. Well, in all honesty, I got back to fitness today…score a brownie point for me. 🙂

take care all and have a spooktacular Halloween! 🙂

Love Leesah

I vant to suck your blood...lol..