Happy November everyone!

I am blogging live from Edmonton’s famous Whyte Avenue. Sadly–I am too wiped to tour it–I will tomorrow though–and I will take some pics!

Today I feel a sense of energy and pep despite being kinda tired and burnt out from being sick. I am not sure if that makes sense as they sorta conflict with each other…oh well. Haha!

I flew out of Winnipeg’s new airport.



Very pretty, airy and set up similar to the Ottawa airport. Shops are good too, tho TGIFridays was a disappointment. My favorite dishes weren’t there and the waitress was rushing me to order. So I ordered chicken quesadilas, but they were filled with bacon and cheese, no veggies and very little chicken. Was super disappointing and sorta gross.

Then on my flight I was sat next to an igorant man who fidgeted constantly on the flight and smelled of too much cologne, bad breath and feet all at once. I have never been so happy to get off a plane in my life.

Then I grabbed my rental car and hit the Southgate Mall to check out Crate and Barrel. It only opened a few weeks ago and well… I dropped $100! There were so many pretty things for the holidays. I had to stop not only because of costs but because of the issues with getting this stuff home. Lol. In any case, Winnipeg needs a C&B! Pronto!

My night ended with a quick workout. Tried running but wasn’t feeling it so after my mandatory 15 minute run, I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes. Then I came back to my room to do the week 1 workout from Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. Was fun…and yes… There is room to workout in my hotel room–it is HUGE! Check out the pics–bedroom and a seating area and a huge bathroom (not pictured).



All in all a good night!

Oh and before I go–Day 12 of the Photo Challenge–Sunset.


Nighty night all!

Love Leesah