Good Day Everyone!

Day 2 in E-town was fab. All my meetings went well, I didn’t get lost (no gps here), I had a yummy dinner–a Vietnamese sub from a place next to my hotel called V sandwiches. I got the lemongrass chicken and it was heavenly. I am sure the fact that I didn’t have lunch probably aided in my opinion of the sandwich. Might even go back tomorrow for dinner. I also tried a cupcake from a shop across the street called Fuss. It was mediocre.

20111103-001539.jpgGot The Don–chocolate cupcake with tiramisu buttercream. I just needed a sweet treat and felt a bit justified given my lack of lunch. Lol.


I got in a decent workout despite my hotel’s crappy gym. I still had trouble getting my run on-despite fun new lululemon socks (with special toe padding and a special message inside)

20111103-002052.jpg, a new lulu sigg water bottle (clearly justifies my cupcake)


20111103-001921.jpg , my face California radio station streaming on my iPad (thank you free hotel wi-fi) and reading the iBook of The Help. After suffering for my 20 minutes on the ‘mill, I hopped on the elliptical for 30 and finished up with abs, pushups and some stretching.

Then I got my work stuff organized (business cards, receipts, etc, did a few work things, prepped for tomorrow), and then just chilled out in front of the tv. Sometimes this job ain’t so bad. As I said, all my meetings worked out super well today and there is some good potential for future projects. These are the days where I really enjoy my job.

The days I don’t are the days when I am filling out numerous of haphazard, arguably useless excel spreadsheets or engaging in the competitive games that exist in my workplace, both near and far. The fact that these bad days out number the good days is a concern and it has made me think of looking into new/other career options. And rest assured, they are very different from what I am doing now and quite varied. I plan on looking into them more over the coming weeks and months, speak to some people in those fields, some career councilors and see what options are open and best for me. It is sorta exciting and scary at the same time. đŸ™‚

And on that positive note (after being a brief Debbie Downer), I am calling it a day. Nighty night!

Love Leesah

P.S. Here is day 14 of the photo challenge–eyes (I am saving 13 objects until I get home)

20111103-002335.jpg. Well… It is an eye–my eye! And a soon to be added Leesah’s loves product! Stay tuned!