Good day Lovelies!

This is going to be a quick one–I am wiped….and as the title says, my muscles are tight.

My work day turned out as expected–painfully boring. I also happened to find the most unfriendly tables for the first half of the day. I sat down and there was no acknowledgment of my presence at all. This is the only thing that can frustrate me about conferences–the unfriendlies. Even if I am having an off day at a networking session, I still try my best to be approachable and friendly… So yeah- frustrating. Fortunately, I found som nice people at lunch and for the rest of the day.

Had a fab dinner at a pub called The Next Act. Had a fab burger called the Director that came with montery jack cheese, adocado slices, and stewed chillies. It also came with the most amazing side salad with mixed greens, pea shoots, red grapes, strawberries, toasted almonds and a white balsamic and honey vinaigrette. Even typing this is making my mouth water. I also discovered an amazing new alcoholic beverage–Tempt Cider.

20111104-005305.jpg I had No.9 — strawberry and lime. It made me want to cry!! Sooo flipping good–honestly best pub meal I have had EVER!

Then I hung around my room, did my nails and eventually went for a three mile run. It was hard, but I managed to tough it out. It was m longest run of the week so far -3 miles! I must finally have kicked my cold to the curb–now just need to get rid of these stiff/tight muscles. Nothing a good stretch routine and maybe my home gym’s ot tub and steam room can’t fix. Now I really can’t wait to get home!

Oh and before I go– day 15 of the Photo Challenge–silhouette–sorry for the blurriness. I still think it is putter though–they are lilies my friend the divine miss e’s man got from the market in t-dot.


Alrighty–it is late and I need my pretty sleep! 😉 nighty night!