Howdy ho!

I don’t know about you all, but this weekend flew by soo quickly…I didn’t get any real down time and oh did I feel it today.

On the plus side, I can definitely admit that this weekend was productive…well except for Friday–i flew home from Edmonton and ended up with a pretty decent headache.

so…Saturday…did my boot camp and a 2.5 mile run in the morning, then came home and tried my hand at French Macarons. Visually, they were an epic failure. They all rose up beatifully and then fell and cracked. Given the fact that these are among the hardest things to bake, I don’t feel too bad about screwing them up–esp. since, tastewise, they were #winning. lol. I made salted caramel macarons with vanilla shells. Here are a few pics (PS my photo challenge photos are included in the slideshow and I have no idea how to fix it–my bad):

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ON Sunday, i started my cake decorating class at Michaels–score one for the list! WOO! I also made plans to work with my grandma in the coming weeks to start the first steps in mastering her recipes–so score one more for the List. 🙂

Oh and before i go–here are a few pics for the photo challenge00but i must say, I am going tout of order:

Here is days 16 and 18: long exposure and shoes. I cheated a bit though…these are old pics–the long exposure is me, last year, in Vegas for my birthday. the next shot are me and my friend D’s first and only Manolo Blahnik purchases in Hawaii a number of years ago–my shoes are the pink ones.

Long Exposure--Me in Vegas

Pretty shoes

Anyway, the melatonin is kicking in so I am going to take advantage of this sleepy feeling and hit the sack.

Nighty night all!