So…its’ official…I have successfully finished a cake decorating class! WOO! I can now , officially strike one of my 31 things off my list! YES! Here are some iphoto pics of the projects I did over the last four weeks. Also, here is the cutest semi vegan cupcakes ever! J The only thing that isn’t vegan is the snowmen as well, I didn’t want to pay a fortune for vegan marshmallows…esp. since the host of the party is fine with marshmallows, just not dairy filled baked goods.

I’m sorta proud of doing this..esp. in light of the fact that November has been a crazy month filled with work travel (another trip to Edmonton starts tomorrow), cake decorating classes, the beginnings of holiday craziness, migraines and general illnesses. I almost cannot wait for December to start just so that I can feel that “fresh month, fresh start” vibe…I really felt it in November until it all came apart at the seams with all the craziness mentioned above.

Ooh and speaking of craziness…the idea of December also scares the bejesus out of me. That means it is almost time to cook a massive dinner for like 30 or so members of my family…plus extra baking that I was giving to select friends as gifts. YIKES! Can’t believe it is almost here. On the plus side, I am slowly getting a bit prepared. As I believe I mentioned in my last post, I have cabbage rolls and perogies ready, thanks to a cooking with grandma lesson….though I didn’t get to make the meatballs and gravy—she decided to make them for me as a treat as she felt bad that I have been sick and running around like a proverbial chicken with my head chopped off. Gotta love grandmas….and truly mine is the best. 🙂  But I digress…the idea of doing all of this prep is still a bit overwhelming. Like…how in the world does one make sure everything is cooked and warm at the same time with only one oven!? WTF? Lol. Don’t even get me started about thinking about how I am going to fit the gym and potential migraine episodes into things like this. Oh well..enough griping…just one day at a time, one task at a time, is the only way to really go, right? 😉

On a more positive note, my work is paying for me to take some introductory graphic design classes, which will include some basic classes on photoshop—they start in January and in April—am super pumped for this not only because its something I have wanted to learn for awhile, but it is also another goal, (ie learn to do photo editing), that I can knock off my list. It has been such a long time since I have taken a proper class (I graduated with my Masters in Public Admin in 2006)…but I’m really looking forward to doing something else with my free time aside from working out. Though, that being said, I will still be running as I am going to be participating in the Fargo Half Marathon this year (or well hopefully as I signed up for 2010 and didn’t get to run it due to the occurrence of a massive migraine).

One other thing I am sorta proud of–i gave myself a break tonight.  Still wasn’t feeling so hot and I had sooo much to do given my baking filled weekend.  I didn’t go to the gym..and i’m not beating myself up.  i did laundry, paid bills, blogged and now i’m going to take a quick bath, read my new cook book and do a quick pack before getting what i hope will be a good night’s sleep.