Hello and Happy Monday,

For me, it is a happy Monday as, well, the week from hell is officially over and a new week has begun.  My third bad thing…you know that unknown bad thing that fullfills that bad things come in three prophecy?  Well…it came on Sunday morning…hot water tank busted…started spewing out water…several hours and $1000 later, I can take a shower.  I am trying not to let this get me down…esp. since last week I was in a rather blue, blue place.  The way i see it, things can only go up from here…my bad three is out of the way and surely something good can happen this week–I mean it is Christmas, right? 😉

I was able to accomplish a few things–like these amazing looking sugar cookies–I made them with my bestie–and for both of our first attempts at making decorated sugar cookies, I think we did pretty awesome!  Plus, these are not made with royal icing–i HATE royal icing (Btw–sorry the pic is an iphone photo–can’t find my dSLR battery charger).

My pretty sugar cookies--one chocolate and one vanilla

I also scored on making my first ever batch of butter tarts.  Butter tarts are a Canadian thing–essentially its like a mini pecan pie…but instead of pecans, you have a few raisins.  It’s devilishly delish. 🙂  The only bad thing is that I over cooked them a tad–as the water heater situation started up during their baking time.  I’ll try and post a pic sometime this week of these delicious little treats–and if you want the recipe–i can most def. post it too! 🙂

Anyway, I should probably pitter patter–I have a ton to do in the next two days of work before I am off for the holidays. 

Take care,