Only a few hours left of work and I am free as a bird..well…until January 2nd…then i must get back to the daily grind.  Until that time, my plan is to try and relish every moment that I am not at work.

The next few days are going to prove to be interesting not only from a cooking perspective, but also from a managing sleeplessness, stress and potential for migraines.

Aside from dinner and all the prep and shopping, i also have to go to get my car assessed at my insurance place as that crazy wrench in the tire situation left a gaping hole in my wheel well–which i only noticed yesterday in the daylight (bummer about winter on the prairies–its dark for most of the day).  This also means I need to hit a car wash.  I also have a hair appointment, a few treats to drop off (and bake) for friends and a TON of cleaning to do.  Plus, in an effort to keep my sanity and to hopefully avoid headaches, i am going to try and sneak in 60 mins a day at the gym. 

I think my goal tonight will be to take care of a bunch of niggling tasks and finalize my grocery list. I think that those are manageable given the fact i am completely wiped after waking up at 4:30am this morning for no reason and the fact that I really want to get in a workout tonight…esp since I hope that it will set me up for a good sleep and a super productive day tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a most fabulous Tuesday and don’t work too hard! 🙂