SQUEEE!!!!!  🙂

I must now go and run a few errands, followed by what I hope will be a fab run while watching the Biggest Loser!

Post run update to come!

So here is my update and I am kinda bummed.  As I drove to the gym, I started to feel the slightest bit of a headache.  I decided to continue on with my plan for a long run as sometimes a good run can help my head.  Sadly, this was not the case.  My head was slowly but surely getting worse.  Combine that with my swollen an achey toe…well it just wasn’t fun.  After 3 miles of suffering, I called it quits.  Am now at home, in my bed and all medicated and hoping desperately that this headache goes away and doesn’t shift into a migraine.

This is a time when that whole “good enough” thing messes with me.   I am trying to stay positive about the fact that I still ran 3 miles and I tried despite not feeling well…but there is a part of me that says, “well, you aren’t feeling well anyway, why not just suffer through your workout and burn some more calories.”  I am currently trying to tell this voice to shut up.  Truthfully, it isn’t working so well.  I am hoping that, this new “good enough” approach is like a muscle.  As I keep practicing, I get stronger…with some days being easy and other days being hard.  Today is clearly meant to be a hard day.  Am proud to say, however, that I am determined to stick with it!  😉

Night night all–am going to get an ice pack for my toe and a cold pack for my head!

Leesah ❤