That totally exhausts me?!

Not sure why i asked the blogosphere that–especially since I know the answers…here are the top ten reasons why Ottawa exhasuts me:

1. 8-9 hour, non stop work meetings for the entire week–it’s bad when the only break you get is to sneak out to the ladies for a pee.  It’s hard to be on for a few hours, never mind a 40 hour work week.

2. Hotels–sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, being paranoid of sleeping in, irrational fear that there is some predator hiding in one of the many potential hiding spots in your ridicuously massive suite….all of those things lead to less sleep and thus, immense, daily, exhaustion.

3. Missing the gym–similar to number 2, i seem to break my gym routine in Ottawa because of the things above that ruin my sleep–getting up an extra hour early to sneak in a quick run just isn’t as enthralling…plus, it’s winter and dark…it’s far easier when I go for the same meetings in the summer, watch the sun come up/go down over’s breathtaking and makes the run extra fun and energizing.  Below are a few highlights of what i found while running in June 2011, including the inspirational, Terry Fox (the first photo).  If you don’t know who he is–google him–he is a true, hero and the fact that he is Canadian, well, it just fills me with pride.  Also note how dead sexy I look while running and sweaty. lol.


4. Friends–i have several close friends that are in Ottawa–the moment that my meetings are dismissed for the day, I run to the safety of time with good friends whom I don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with.  This usually means later nights, eating out, plenty of wine/cocktails and many, many laughs.

5. Networking–as these work meetings are only 1 of two occasions where I get to meet with my colleagues from across the country, we are expected to hang out and get to know each other in the bit of free time we have.  I don’t mind, but again, it takes away from one’s rejuvenation time.

6.  Food–despite having a suite, i didn’t have time to find a grocery store.  So I ate out for the entire week.  I tried to watch my portions and only eat until I was full.  I must have did so rather successfully as my jeans fit the same way at the beginning and upon returning from my trip.  In any case, the excess food, sitting and booze is not a good combo when wanting to lose weight. I still fear my weight will be up this week on my Sunday weigh in.

7. Crappy hotel gyms–I am sort of a creature of habit.  I like my gym at home. I like the 2 or 3 treadmills that I use–if fact, it is a hierarchy of preference of said treadmills.  Hotel gyms are routinely done in some half assed state.  This makes the idea of working out seem even more torturous…even on the days when I really, really want to workout.

8. Heels–as I am in the head office, at these fancy meetings, I dress up more than i normally do if i am in a normal day in the office, without external meetings.  This means the foot wear is amped up–and by up i mean smoking hot heels…which look amazing, but are not friendly to making hour long presentations while standing, walking for post work drinks to the market, etc.  The dogs are almost always barking after these meetings and it just wipes you out.

9. Caffeine–try to battle the exhaustion with this stuff and it just gets worse.  It got so bad that the baristas in the Starbucks new my name by Wednesday–this can’t be good.

10. Time zone change–being the night owl that I am wreaks havoc on me in eastern time zones.  My general bedtime is about midnight…which means 1am in Ottawa…and if i want to get up at 6 am to sneak in a workout before work, that means I am getting less than 5 hours sleep.  ‘Nuff said, no?

That being said, being in Ottawa does have a lot of positives–one of them being my aforementioned friends.  The other being Holt Renfrew…but I’ll talk about that a bit more in tomorrow’s post.

Love Leesah