Hello All!
Here is an update for my #JANphotoaday challenge…my pics aren’t uploading properly so please cut me a bit of Friday slack. 😉
Here’s day 13–“in My bag”, with all my goodies for my weekend at the cabin…what you can’t see is the wine! 😉

Day 13- in my bag


Rest assured, this wasn’t planned.  I was taking a pic of what i was reading on my iPad and lo and behold…what is on the tv in front of me but an ad for an ipad! lol.

Day 14-Something I was reading

This one takes a bit of explaining.  It’s not vegemite that makes me happy, nor is it the Aussie flag or Peter Alexander PJ’s….it’s anything Australian.  It makes me think of my girls who are so far away and that I miss terribly.  So that is why, anything Australian is one of my definitions of happiness, which is Day 15.

Day 15- Happiness