Here are four more pics…by the time tomorrow comes and goes, I could actually be done and up to date–i know..i am shocked too! 🙂

Here are my pics:

Day 16–me in the morning at my friend’s cabin this weekend, making lemon ricotta hotcakes..mmmm…

day 16--morning--clearly not my prettiest time of day

Day 17–this is the frozen lake out front of my friend’s cabin….brrrr

Day 17-(frozen) water

Day 18–this is my new dress for Vegas and may also be what I get marrried in one day given how much is cost…oooohh

day 18-something i bought

Day 19–this is something sweet that I made at Christmas time…awwwww

day 19-sweet

Day20–someone I love…. 🙂


day 20--someone you love (not mine)


Nighty night,