YAY!  I am finally up to date…and without further ado…here they are:

Day 21- Reflection

Me in my bathroom mirror…trying to take photos outside the box…lol..


day 22-my shoes

Asics Gels 2100 series…i have a problem…i have six pairs stockpiled as they always seem to be on sale when I go cross border shopping.

day 23- something old

This is the first thing that was one of the “fancy” name brands in Winter 2006 when I was still in grad school.  I bought these Gucci sunglasses on Rodeo drive after meeting Heidi Klum and participating on her show, Germany’s Next Top Model, with my Australian friend.  These glasses are light, stylish, and have been with me through all my big races and all over the world.


day-24 guilty pleasure

I don’t drink soft drinks…but for some reason, I found myself with a slight addiction to this–fortunately you can’t buy it in Canada or I would be in trouble.


day 25- something i made


This is the last minute, unexpected cake I made for my friend on her birthday weekend.  I used cake mixes and pre-made frosting (which seems like a crime now that I know how to make both from scratch)…but we didn’t have the tools for these all to turn out.  I used German chocolate cake mix and German Chocolate frosting for filling between the three layers, and regular old chocolate frosting to cover the cake.  Then I squeezed out white tube frosting into a ziploc, but the tip and piped the lettering–not bad for no tools, eh? 😉