My bad guys…i forgot about my photo challenge…but its for a good reason…a reason I’d like to call Runner’s High!

Last night I ran 7 miles.  Not 3, not 5…not 6…but 7.  I haven’t run that sort of distance in what feels like forever (obviously it was around mid October when I was doing those distances).  What is even better is that I enjoyed it. 

Truthfully, watching the Dark Knight on TV certainly helped the run be a success.  Not only is it one of my favourite movies and incredibly well done, it reminds me of when I was in Hawaii, which was the first time I ran while watching the Dark Knight.  What made that run extra interesting is that, I was doing that workout out a cruise ship in Hawaii and the boat had just set off, leading to the extra challenge of dealing with waves on top of my run–a very unique thing to say the least.

I am still feeling the happy vibes of this run today…and also a bit of good muscle soreness.  Hooray for me!

Love Leesah

P.S. I started doing a 100 push up challenge on the weekend…and after only a few days I can see a difference in my arms–I think push ups may just be my new favourite exercise!! 🙂  Now if only I could make core work my other favourite…any ideas on how to do this?

P.P.S. My top five gratitude list are: 1) My body survived a 7 miler.  2) I did not lose my cool after my weekend of indulgences and weight gain.  3) I got a very complimentary email from a client that circulated to other co-workers.  4) My friend Cindy and I are heading out to the Minnie Apple to go see Florence and the Machine in April (provided we get tickets). 5)  My toe looks normal again, even after my run.