Did I ever mention that I loathe Destiny’s Child…well, probably not because, despite my upbringing in a family of music geeks, I don’t share many of my opinions on music on here…though I do use the odd lyric as a post title (as you can tell).

Music isn’t want this post is about though, nor was it about surviving the workout…(which i did…WOO! Hollah!  run, spin, trx….i am a machine!).  It’s more about the fact that I’ve had a completely terrible week in terms of my Losing It plan.  I can feel it…even though I worked hard and I can see some physical changes, temptations were everywhere…as were celebrations…and too little sleep.  It was essentially a week of imbalance.





Wow…can’t believe I am writing that.  But it will.  Despite my desire for a slimmer physique for Vegas, I will survive if it doesn’t happen and keep working at it as the dress won’t disintegrate. My friends won’t stop loving me.  I would say that guys might not be as interested, but heck, there are guys waiting in the wings of the get to know you list on the matchfishforharmony site.

I know I have spoken of this many times on this blog already–so many that you are probably sick of it…but to me, this is huge.  I feel so amazing after today’s crazy workout and so alive and somewhat fit for the first time in ages.  Tomorrow I am going to try to run 8 or maybe 9 miles….and I can’t wait.  I know that I will do better this week.  I know that I am getting both mentally and physically stronger.

So tomorrow, I will include you on this crazy weight loss ride and add my disappointing measurements to my Losing It page, but I will own it and use it to get my going for the weeks ahead.  I drank all those drinks, ate those nachos, “taste tested” those few macarons and I had fun doing all of it…but tomorrow is a new day, the start of a new week and nearly the start of a new month and its time to get re-focused.  Thank you for listening to my weird rant tonight.  I must go to bed as I have a big, long run tomorrow.

Much love and thank yous! 🙂