Without the champagne.

Everything around me is screaming Vegas today. A couple of girls in front of me are heading out. Whatever strange show the Chilis in Calgary airport is showing, keeps flashing back to the glittery strip. The flight deplaning in the gate next to me in Winnipeg was returning fromVegas…..heck even showing up at the airport made me excited beyond belief for my little trip.

I can’t wait to see my Australian friends. A year ago I was in Aus for their wedding….feels much, much longer than a year ago. Here’s me giving the toast to the bride…..can you tell that there was record setting heat and humidity? It killed my hair but my tan was awesome!


I can’t wait to go for an early morning run on a nearly deserted Las Vegas Strip. I discovered awesomeness of this activity when I was in Vegas for New Years 2008. My luggage had finally arrived on new year’s eve eve and I was dying to move. I got up early, strapped on my gear and it was amazing. Nobody was out aside from the security guards and guys setting up massive beer trucks for the new year festivities later that day. I was offered several brekkie beers but I declined. In retrospect, I am not sure why….lol.

I can’t wait to go to the spa and get all dolled up with my friend D. It is sort of a tradition with us. Since we live so far apart, we go for broke on one night when we see each other. Hair, make up, champagne, fancy dinner, clubs. So. Much. Fun.

Related to the item above–I can’t wait to wear my new dress!

I can’t wait to just be in a quasi unfamiliar city. Though I travel a ton for work, I am pretty familiar with all of the different places I go. I can’t wait to see some different sites.

Finally, as silly as this sounds, I can’t wait to eat at In N Out burger!


And with that artery clogging treat, I bid you adieu. Next stop–e-town!

Love Leesah