Morning friends!

I have been MIA over the last few days thanks to the after effects of my Alberta migraine and the meds. Shortly after my post on Friday, I suffered from some of the awful side effects of powerful drugs and had to go home and then spend the rest of the weekend as a partial zombie like version of myself.

What is even better is that, this morning, I found out that I will be heading back to Alberta again in the first week of March, on a Friday no less. @&##%@^%#@^(%^(?!!!! What is worse is that I am going in for literally 36 hours…which means rapid shifts in air pressure, which will likely mean that I will be sick for several days, which will take up my weekend. Plus in that time, I also have two trips planned for SK and my vacation in Vegas (woo!17 days).

So…the question remains–what do you do if your job literally makes you sick? Especially when the job pays well, has decent security, supports for furthering your education, but you don’t really, really enjoy it. A conundrum to say the least.

I am doing my best to try to figure this conundrum out. To start, I am going to make a list of 5 potential careers to check out and do research on, to see if they could be a good fit and what education is needed. I also plan on chatting with a career counsellor as well as taking many career aptitude tests….so this should all prove to be very interesting to say the least….so stay tuned.

On a more positive and sorta mundane note, my weight is down by 2 lbs from last week to 171.6! Hurrah for progress in the Losing It Challenge! Slowly but surely, I am getting there.:) Plus my running is going super well, in spite of my three migraine days away from any sort of physical activity. I ran five glorious and warm miles at the park yesterday–in shorts and a long sleeve shirt–i have never done this in Winnipeg in February in my life–it is FABULOUS! Yay to global warming! 😉 j/k.

Must get back at ‘er!

Luv Leesah