I ran 10 miles today. Not 8. Not 9. 10!

I’m super pumped…and also super uncomfortable. I forgot about one of the fun things about running longer distances is that, especially in the beginning, it can greatly upset your tummy. A contributing factor to that, for me, is dairy, which is something I usually avoid for 2-3 days before I plan to do a long run.

I didn’t do that this time. Very. Bad. Life. Choice.


On a more positive note–I just ran 10 miles. This alone takes all five spots on my gratitude challenge. I never thought I would be running 10 miles already, with over three months til race day in Fargo! YES!

And now it is time to suck back some ginger tea to help my poor tummy.

Loves ya!


P.S. Yes…i know..i have been bad on posting for the Febphotoaday. I promise i will catch up…i just haven’t found a stranger to take a picture of…or a 10am when i’m not interrupted by my boss. lol