It is FREEZING in the ‘Peg today. Like mid minus 30’s with the windchill. Why can’t this be the time I am in Vegas (only 13 more days–squee!)?

Yesterday I was home from work. Felt pretty crummy with a migraine, sore throat and achy muscles. I think my body might’ve been fighting something or reacting to the shift in weather…but everything feels fine today, thank goodness. 🙂 In my opinion, there is nothing worse that being sick on your weekends.

Speaking of weekends, this one has a mixture of low key-ness and fun times with friends–all beginning tonight after work for a hot yoga class with my friend L. Tomorrow is brekkie and backless bra shopping with my friend C, followed by a visit with my friend T. Sunday another hot yoga class with my friend A, followed by a tempo run, a visit with my grandparents and picking my dad up from the airport.

I would also like to announce a mini victory that is keeping me quite motivated to keep up with my fitness fun. I did a mini fashion show of sorts the other day to see which dresses/clothes fit and which didn’t–especially my favourite dresses–none of which fit in January. Some still won’t zip, but others zip up now. Some I can actually wear comfortably now (yes!), some well, they look a bit like a sausage casing, but they, they are done up…which means that sooner or later I will be wearing them again. YAY! Pretty dresses! 🙂

Anyway, I should skedaddle. Happy Friday, stay warm!

Love Leesah!