Hi Ho Everyone!

So today is the big weigh in day–and the number is: exactly 170.0–a loss of 1.6 lbs (check my progress on my Losing It page). Given how hard I had worked this week (25 miles of running, hot yoga and spinning classes, weights, etc), I was hoping for a full 2, but hey, I am still pretty darn happy with this-especially since my mini fashion show earlier this week where I discovered that some of my dresses fit again and–I love that my dresses are starting to fit again!

I hope I am down another 2-3lbs by the time I leave for Vegas in 11 days. Truthfully, though, this might be difficult as, when I was finishing a small run last night (my legs were still quite stiff), I started to feel the first twinges of shin splints, which are still present this morning. Hopefully some cross training consisting of  hot yoga and low impact exercise today (ie no running) will help and I will be up and running by Tuesday.

I am also going to try a bit of an eating experiment. I am going to try to cut refined carbohydrates and added sugar over the next 11 days until I leave in an experiment to see what it does for my weight loss. I don’t really eat THAT much sugar to begin with, but I do like my bread (toast with PB and J) and that will be hard to give up. Hopefully this will secure me at least one lb for the week. haha and well, if not, you guys will know.

My weekend was pretty good otherwise. Visited with some friends, got a super expensive but very good, and most importantly comfortable, low back bra to wear with my fabulous Vegas dress–now just need some shoes. Still waay too much winter stuff out and not enough bright coloured gorgeous shoes out there.  I also got in a very good visit with my grandma and got some cleaning done.  Today I hope to squeeze a lot in–namely my hot yoga class, some low impact cardio and weights at the gym, wash my car, catch up on my graphic design class homework, catch up on my FEBphotoaday challenge, watch Walking Dead, pick my dad up from the airport and sneak in some laundry.   Gosh I am exhausted already. lol.

Anyway, I should get myself together, finish my coffee and get ready for yoga with Miss A!  Have a happy Sunday alL!

Love Leesah