wow…that was a strangely titled post…but it’s so true.  Quite honestly, the only bad thing that happened yesterday was that, given the overcast skies and snow and the amount of driving I did after work to complete my list of errands, I got real motion sick.   Never fun, but by about 10:30 last night it finally faded.

So what other goodness continued throughout the day, well, I will tell you.

First, shortly after posting yesterday, I got a back pay cheque (or check for my American friends) for $530!  YES!  Hello pretty something something in Vegas–anyone have any ideas? 😉  Feel free to share them in the comments–I was thinking some sort of pretty shoe or handbag?

Second, I still managed to get in a decent workout despite feeling crappy. There was no running, mind you, but I got in some good combo cardio (rowing, cycling, elliptical) and some weights.  I tried doing Jacob’s ladder, but that didn’t agree with my motion sick self.

Third, I got nearly all my errands done, despite the snowy road conditions.  The only thing I didn’t carry out was a trip to the bank to deposit the aforementioned bonus cheque, and exchange some Canadian moolah for some American moolah.

Fourth, I sneaked a quick visit to the scale this morning and I am down 2lbs since Sunday! SCORE for low carb…and i’m not even that cranky. lol.  Seriously, I’m not cranky…but I was jonesing for some sort of carby deliciousness in the last 48 hours.  I sorta caved by having a Cherry Coke Zero…it was awesome and it kept me from indulging in some sort of baked goods. lol…See that is the hazard of being able to bake and always having those things in the house–I am almost always within 30 minutes of having warm, freshly baked cookies.

Fifth, well, one of my old suits fit, and I am wearing it today.  YES! 

Let’s hope this goodness continues tonight for my planned seven miler!  I will def. keep you posted!   Oh and one more thing…7 days til Vegas baby! YES  Ooh…just realized that is two sevens for today…I wonder what the third, lucky 7 of the day will be…tee-hee!