Seriously.  This much chaos on a Friday morning where everyone else has a long weekend and you don’t, well, it shouldn’t be allowed.  Especially when there is still no Starbucks delivery service.

In light of this blah-ness, I am highlighting a list of 5 things to be grateful for, to keep this morning’s irritating shenanigans in perspective and move me in a more positive light.

1. I have only about 28.5 hours of work left before I leave for Vegas.  I can hear a passionfruit martini from a wolfgang puck restaurant calling me…”llllleeeeesssssaaaahhhh….”

2. Tomorrow I am getting my hair did with my amazing hair stylist, Guy, who can always cheer me up.  Serioiusly–is there anything better than getting your hair done?  I think not.

3. I am going to see my little friend, B, get a fun birthday gift tonight.  Tomorrow she turns six and she finds out tonight at her birthday party that her mum (one of my besties) and her grandma are taking her to Disney World.  This kid is going to lose her little noodle and I can’t wait to see it!

4. I was able to put my jeans on this morning without undoing them.  I can also take them off without undoing them. PROGRESS! YES!

5. It’s Friday.  Nuff said!

Now it is time to attack the chaos that is developing in my inbox. 

Much love to you all and Happy Friday.



P.S. Wish me luck for attempt number 2 at my lucky 7 miler. lol…on the plus side, it can’t be much worse than yesterday! lol.