Post run, happy me with pretty hair


I’m a little bit excited…sadness about cake and cheetos be gone!  Want to know why?

Good…because I am telling you regardless.

I ran my 7 miles today.  Finally.  At a teensy bit better than a 7/mph or an 8:30 mile pace. Waaahooooooo!

Oh and I have the most amazing hair stylist…I mean…the above photo is after my run and my hair still looks fab.  Below is a pick of my slightly blonder ombre locks in the light…Gorgeous, no?  What would I do without Guy.  Best. Stylist. Ever!



I just made myself a healthful Mexican egg white scramble with peppers, red onion, garlic, spinach, avocado and salsa and now I am going to start the preparation for leaving for Vegas project–which includes, cleaning, laundry, last minute shopping for travel sized items, clean out camera memory cards, charge up batteries, self pedicure…..  I didn’t realize how much I still had to do until my plans were cancelled for tonight and I made a list. lol.

Anyway, I best get started.  Hope you all have a great rest of the day today!

Luv Leesah


P.S. Any ideas on what colour I should pick for my toes?  I was thinking either classic red or nude–just in case the shoes I purchase are of the open toe variety–don’t want to clash, after all!  Thoughts?  Suggestions?