They are usually two or three words.

“Hi Beautiful” was the most recent one.  “Your hot” is another–btw, notice the awesome grammer/spelling from that direct quote.  Then there have been a few vulgar ones which I won’t mention.  Then there is the classic and useless “Hi”

Guys…this is not the way to get a date, let alone take the first step of starting a conversation.

Have something to say that is not about how I look physically.  There is a profile in there–ask a question or mention something we have in common.  Two or three word phrases don’t qualify as a conversation starter–they end up in the trash. 

Also, if you are the same age as my parents, don’t message me.  I don’t want to date someone my dad could be friends with.

Oooh…and don’t post half assed pics where your face is pretty much all hidden.  If I am putting myself out there, you should be too.

Thanks for listening to my rant!  Anyone else have things to rant about in the online dating world?  Feel free to share!

Love Leesah