So….I’m eagerly awaiting the end of my last day of work before holidays and my mind started to wander towards races and fitness goals and what I really want to achieve this summer.

It’s kind of exciting and kind of daunting….because by posting them, as you know, they become real. lol.

1.  Get my speed back.  Specifically get to a point where I can hold an 8 minute mile pace, or faster, comfortably for about 7 miles or so.

2.  Try a Cross-Fit Class.  Who knows, maybe I will even put my gym membership on hold for the summer and just do cross fit and running outdoors for a change of pace.

3.  Go in a few shorter races–5K’s, 10K’s…just for the experience of it.

4.  Finally do my first try-a-tri!

5.  Try to PR atleast once in those 5K and 10Ks I plan on running.

What are your running/fitness goals for the summer?