Hooray, Hooray! I leave today!

Or so I hope….it’s a fluffy white mess outside and I am hoping my flight will arrive and take off delay free…though given the slow drive to the airport, well, I am not holding my breath.

I am super proud to say that I manage to squeeze in a quick four mile run before leaving. I didn’t feel like it (have the beginnings of a cold–Cold FX help me now), but I knew I would mentally feel better post run.

Am now realizing that I should’ve eaten something….I sorta forgot about lunch and all the restaurants past security are stupid busy and I don’t want to eat the cookies I slaved in making for my lovely Aussies. Oh well, I guess I will have to eat in Vegas.

Ooh! Flight attendants are here–that is a good start! Only 30 minutes til boarding! Yay!

I am hoping the flight will be good, peaceful and not annoying. I know you all know what I mean re annoying flights. Either you have an overly chatty person next you, or they have something with a noxious odour–be it food, cologne or themselves.

So far the passengers all appear to be on the elderly side, and in couples, which could be good….but I guess we will wait and see! Fingers crossed a single hottie sits next to me but, well, truthfully i don’t think hat is going to happen. As it is i think i might be the only solo traveller on this flight. Maybe I will have an inflight cocktail to make time fly faster!

Anyway, I am going to go grab a bunch of Kleenex so I can be discreet with my sniffles on the flight–have a great day and talk to you next from the city of sin!

Viva Las Vegas!