Holy Smokes!

Feel so much better than yesterday–I seriously needed that extra sleep.

So here it goes…the debrief of my trip.

Woke up with the beginnings of a cold last Thursday–managed to sneak in a quick four miles before packing up to go.  Sadly, in the craziness of packing and cleaning out memory cards, I forgot said memory cards in my card readers at my computer–thus, I do not have many photos to share, which is quite a bummer.

Flying direct to Vegas was great–except for the fact that I had flying amateurs next to me who spilled a vodka cranberry all over my handbag, lap and trench coat.  Not impressed.  Plus, thank to my new cold, my face felt like I was being hit repeatedly by a bat.  Fortunately, my friend and her husband greeted me with a cocktail at the airport, which definitely helped reduce some of the pain–at least, temporarily.

Upon check-in at the Planet Hollywood Towers, the offered us an upgrade to a penthouse suite for an extra $200 per night.  Since D and I weren’t sure when we would be seeing each other again, we opted to do it–plus we thought her husband would get a kick out of it–and man, were we right.  His reaction was priceless and he christened the room the Marqueedo Suite.  It was a fabulous room with amazing views of the strip.  Sorry for the poor, camera phone photos.

That night all happened in a bit of a blur, despite the fact that D and I didn’t go to bed til about 4 or 5 am.  We gambled, drank, ate and danced on a bar (multiple times) at Coyote Ugly.  Then we had to walk my friend’s hubby back to our room as he was very, very intoxicated and getting a bit disruptive.  Needless to say, he was feeling quite fragile in the morning.  Once we got Sir Drinks-A-Lot to bed, D and I went out again and befriended a young (26 yr old) Texan in the elevator.  Poor guy left the room as his buddies brought in strippers for the bachelor party he was involved in and he didn’t feel it was his thing.  So we asked him to join us for a snack and drinks…we ended up having really good conversation about growing up, expanding horizons, travel, etc and about how he doesn’t have any game with women.  We gave him a few tips and then we made him a hero by answering his phone and text messages from his buddies like he was having a big night with to beautiful women. lol.  Quite hilarious.  We just hope that he owned it and played it up to his friends–I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall to see their reaction, provided he played into the story.

After a few hours of poor, boozy sleep (don’t you just hate that), D and I decided to get up and take a look around.  I got me some delicious Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf *drool* and we snagged us a light brekkie before heading to the Mandara Spa at PH–which was an awful experience.  Then we met up with our Contiki friend and her hubby from Pittsburgh for super delicious burgers from Holsteins.  Then our Contiki friend K, D and I went shopping.  Sorta disappointing, truthfully.  I ended up with one thing and it ended up being a bit of a fiasco, which I don’t want to get into here.

I’m trying to remember what all happened on Friday night–I know it wasn’t a “big” night or anything.  Oh! I remember now–we went to Joe’s Stone Crab for dinner (which was OMG delicious–so glad I finally got to eat there after missing out when I was in Miami in 2008).  Then we just sorta wandered and gambled a bit.  I ended up tapping out early because I was exhausted.

Saturday….talk about busy–everywhere we went it was sorta gong showy.  Makes me wonder what it would be like during the week in Vegas vs the weekend.  So many people and lineups.  Started the morning off with an amazing run from out hotel down to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  Can’t believe how downtrodden that end of the strip is.  The sidewalks aren’t even paved after awhile.  They have improved the area around the sign though–as when D and I went to visit that sign years ago, we had to park in a dodgy parking lot and run about a block and a half down and across the highway to get our pic with the sign.  Now its got a full on median with astro turf, red dirt, parking spaces, etc.  On the way back from my run, I ran into some drunks who decided to have a spazz out–which I narrowly avoided but ended up smashing my arm into one of those metal porno magazine boxes.  I now have a massive, Australia shaped bruise on my arm.  It throbbed for two and a half days.

Me at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

My epic, Australia shaped bruise

Saturday was filled with a bit more shopping.  We ended up meeting Buddy from Cake Boss, which was a bit of surprise.  Then we met our friend K for our make up appointments at MAC prior to our big night out of clubbing and fancy dinner at Alize at the top of the Palms. Sadly, our MAC appointments, which have always been great in the past, were quite chaotic…and with my stupid cold, my fake eye lashes weren’t sticking so I had to do a last minute run to Sephora in my hotel before going out to get some glue.

Our new friend, The Cake Boss

Dinner was fabulous.  I had honey almond lamb.  We had an amazing calamari and carrot starter with souffles (shared) for dessert.  There was both carrot cake and chocolate souffles and they were both amazing.  We then went to Tryst at the Wynn to get our free drinks (which are being offered at every club–perhaps a sign of the poor economic state of LV?), but it was just meh.  Perhaps I am too old…perhaps it was the fact that I was feeling the effects of my lack of sleep and my cold in full force…or it might’ve been the off tasting vodka I was given (my friend D made quite the face when she took a sip of my drink).  Either way, I wasn’t into it and ended up tapping out early again…sort of a bummer but I just couldn’t handle feeling so icky anymore.  Was very disappointed.

All of us dolled up!

Sunday morning, D, her hubby and I went to Hard Rock on the strip to try their new breakfast–was pretty darn good–plus we got back room tour of the place, which was awesome.  Highly recommend doing it if it is offered to you.  D and I decided to go shopping again.  Then we just sorta chilled, as D started to get sick, and watch the Oscars.  After they were over, I went out with my friends hubby to gamble so that my friend D could sleep and relax without me making noise.

The next morning was super cloudy when I went for my run. I kept it brief because I was  having a lot of trouble keeping my breath–not sure if that is related to all the smoke or my cold or what but yikes…it was scary.  Then I got my gear packed up and headed to the airport.  And well, of course, that wasn’t without drama…the best of said drama was at the end of my journey in Winnipeg, where we weren’t allowed to leave the airport for awhile because some guy had chemicals in his car in order to fulfill a suicide pact with some chick he met online who flew into Vancouver, with the plan to meet and kill each other that night in Winnipeg.    Makes me wonder if this crazy chick would’ve been on my flight as I flew in from Vancouver that night.