Good day! Am so glad I no longer feel like that guy–only thing is a bit of a bummer is that I am finally feeling better just in time to go back to work. Talk about bad timing.

Today was a super productive day, as I felt I had to make up for some lost time. I made a nice breakfast, did my pile of post vacation laundry, ran 7 miles in 59:10 (not sure where that came from) and managed to sneak in a quick trip to the mall with my dear old dad.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a great relationship with my dad? Well, I do. He is seriously one of my best friend’s and favourite people in the world. He also has impeccable taste in clothes….he helped me pick out this new summery outfit–thoughts?


Can you tell this is my first attempt at colour blocking? I sorta feel like I am too old for it buy my dad, who picked out the dress, ensured me it wasn’t too “young” of a look and the blazer really set off the pink in the dress. Plus, he had coupons so the blazer ended up being free, with the purchase of the dress–not bad, eh? The total for the outfit was $141. Thank you Rachel Roy and Vero Moda.

One other fun thing I noticed today, when I went for my run is that my run gear, specifically my shorts and sports bra, are fitting better. My run shorts and essentially short rights with rouching (sp?) on the sides. I haven’t seen that rouching in a year…but it is coming back. My sports bra I also isn’t just doing up anymore–there is room to breathe. Made me feel like a million bucks.

I think that today itself is something I feel I should really take notice of and document in my whole gratitude challenge thing. After feeling so terrible all week with my body hating me, having bad workouts and just not feeling like myself, it all came to an end…finally and it ended on such a great note.

This is one of the first times I can recall that I was feeling awful and I just dealt with it without indulging in bad habits–in fact, none of those bad habits even came to mind as a way to deal…(this is where I would love to add in a sound clip of Craig Ferguson from the late show doing his “I know” thing signifying that this is a big deal). I just sorta worked with it, rested, did what I could, ate cleanly, and got outside and did stuff like the lovely women who made comments in my last post said to do and it worked.

So thanks to those bloggers for their wonderful advice and thanks to my body for giving me a rough go but not letting me fall apart. Next time, no rough goes on my holidays…seriously! Lol!

Must now watch the walking dead! Much love!


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