Got in my speed work this evening.  4 miles in 33:15. So like an 8:28 mile…a little faster than my usual 8:34ish pace (aka 7mph on a treadmill).  Not too bad given I wasn’t feeling the run…or the smelly guy next to me.  Btw, speaking of smelly–everyone’s thoughts on crop dusting at the gym?  Is it ok, unforgivable or depends on how bad the smell is?

Choose-day has been an arguable success and like I mentioned in my Choose-day Part 2 post, I will do it again at another random time and I hope some bloggy friends will give it a whirl, too.

Now I am going to choose to do something in loving payback for carrying me through those 4 speedy miles as well as some heavy weights and stationary bike time–foam rolling a stretching with my Yoga for Runners app.

I hope your Tuesday/Choose-day has been great!

Lotsa luv and sweet dreams,