So it appears that I picked a good day for it to be “choose-day.”

Since my goal was to be awesome and be positive and not let stuff drag me down (essentially), I was determined to make this happen.  What is funny is that the world seemed intent on ruining this awesomeness that I was trying to cultivate…


But.  The world FAILED!  Bahahahaha!

I am still keeping up the positives and wanting to keep that approach…I even made a snowman (who will surely be short lived due to our mild weather) to celebrate!

My wee snowman, via Hipstamatic


So…what did the world do to try to take away the awesomeness?  Well, I’ll tell you in brief.

#1.  Was grabbing my planned sushi lunch and the guy in front me was a guy a briefly dated a year ago.  We had three dates, all of which he was seriously late for.  Kissed him once and he stood me up twice (the first time I actually believed his excuse that his “nephew hid his phone”–the second time I told him to PFO (pls. f@ck off)) and I was ridiculously attracted to him.  Upon seeing him, well, he didn’t seem to recognize me, he put on about 50 lbs and he had a wedding ring on.  Now, there is a chance that he met the girl of his dreams and got married in the last year, but somehow I doubt it….which makes me think he might’ve been married while we were seeing each other…makes me glad it ended as I want a guy who wants me and not be with a half-dozen other women.

#2. A 2 hour staff meeting.  So not necessary, totally draining and always leaves me with a long task list.  But I looked at it as time away from the crazy people who call and email me routinely.  Score!

#3. Ordered a gorgeous dress for 25% off the Mad Men line at Banana Republic–it came super quick (i ordered it on Friday and didn’t chose expedited shipping)…but it just doesn’t look right.  All they had was a size 10, and I usually fall into an 8 in banana republic dresses…but this one…eek…doesn’t work.  I’m just not sure if I just need a smaller size or a good tailor…oh and the “whiskers” at the chest–there is so much room (not including the “cowl neck”…well, I have no idea why there is whiskering.  Also it doesn’t hug my hips/legs at all…feels sorta like a potato sack…Anyone have any ideas as to what I should do?  Keep?  Tailor?  Return?  Exchange for a smaller size and see?  I will be in Edmonton at the end of the week and they may have another size that I can try on in said dress.  Help bloggy friends, help!!!!  🙂  and well, if it goes back, maybe I can snag myself something even more fabulous later.

The BR Mad Men dress--HELP!

#4. Found out that my work trip to Toronto has now been changed back to Ottawa.  Bummer as I was totally looking forward to seeing my Toronto friends and having this meeting in a locale outside of Ottawa simply for a change of scenery….but the positive is that , in going back to Ottawa, I get to run by Parliament and down the Rideau canal and spend times with my friends R&K and T&M.

#5.  In putting away the garbage cans today I experienced an epic wipeout on some ice.  I’m not seriously hurt or anything, but man, did it smart!  Must be more careful in these melty conditions.

So despite these mini bummers, there are positives, which I stated, all to keep up my day’s planned awesomeness.  I think I am going to pick random Choose-days every few weeks to keep up some sort of positivity and remind myself that I am responsible for how I approach a day, my life, etc.  I encourage everyone to give it a try themselves and, if they can let me know how their “Choose-days” went that would be superb!

Must eat dinner and get ready for my phone date with one of my favourite Torontonians!

Much luv,