I know…wtf, right?

I just feel weird today.  I woke up feeling just a bit off…and I don’t know why.

I would like to think, hope that this weirdness could be solved with a brisk walk to S’bux, a caramel machiato and maybe something treat like to curb the seemingly unrelenting hunger pangs I have experienced over the last few days…and no, it’s not cravings by any means.  After making my snowman yesterday I actually SNACKED on RAW SPINACH!!!!  Who does that?!  lol.  This alone makes me thing something weird is going on with me and not just some sort of emotional based craving.

Truthfully, the knowledge of my crazy work-travel schedule over the next few weeks probably isn’t helping.  I am gone every week for the next three weeks, for two days at a time…and I’m not looking forward to the disruption in my routine….both for health reasons (both workouts, eating and migraine potential), but also just life and work too.  Traveling for work, despite its illusion of glamour, is amazingly tiring–especially when the places you are going aren’t all too exciting.

Hmm…I should probably get going–maybe do my Starbuck’s run and indulge in something–even if that is a more flowery drink than I am used to, if only to shake things up a bit and not completely kill my healthy eating plans for the day.

On that note–I shall chat with you all soon…but I leave you with this parting question–when you feel weird or off your game in a non tired, non sick way, what do you do to break out of it? 

Enjoy your Wednesday–hope it’s not filled with weirdness!