I think the one interesting thing about weight loss in general is how quickly things can spiral out of control…

The last few days have been a bit stressful and my healthy food options were severely limited on my trip to Edmonton and now I just feel gross.  This, my friends, is the hazard of traveling for work.  I was in closed meetings so i was eating what they offered…which was horrible–it was all heavily cheesed pasta and the “salad” was a super heavily dressed Caesar salad and pastries.  I had no access to a fridge in my hotel room, nor did I have time to run to the grocery store to grab food like I normally do on work trips.

So what do you do when faced with these unhealthy options?  I don’t function well if I don’t eat, so I chose the vegetarian lasagna…and then I had a piece of cake because I was being peer pressured into it by the people in my meeting.  I still can’t believe I caved on that one. So dumb.

Then our meeting ran late and I had to rush to the airport to fly home.  I barely had time to grab something and the only thing that was line free was Starbucks…and so I got the most appetizing and lowest calorie option of their pastries (as all of their fruit/salad/real food options were gone), a piece of reduced fat coffee cake and a non fat caramel macchiato…I needed the coffee as my typical Alberta migraine was stating to kick in and I needed the caffeine.

Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was STARVING and the only thing in the house was a frozen pizza…so there goes another 600 calories I am guessing.  Plus…it ruined my sleep and I felt sooo gross this morning. I am also not looking forward to seeing the damage on my Sunday weigh in–I have a feeling I will be plus 3 lbs though it feels like 10.

This is what bugs me about bad eating days when they come.  They tend to start a bit of a spiral lasting 2-3 days of horrible eating and it sucks because it negates all the work i have done.  It also makes me afraid of falling back into my old bad, eating disorder habits.  I have come so far and when this happens…eek.  I have not felt the urge to go back…but it is always in the back of my head when one of these spirals hit.

Truthfully, this, more than anything, is a reason why I think I need to leave this job.  The traveling throws me horribly out of balance and that loss of balance, well, it greatly affects my mental, emotional and physical health…and it is not good if your job leads to those things routinely.  Has anyone else experienced these sorts of spirals?  if so, how do you deal?  Do you just not eat?  Do you eat and then pay later (like I am doing)?

In any case, the spiral ends today.  I am going to go to the gym and have a good run (my runs in Edmonton were HORRIBLE–why do I always have horrible runs on Life Fitness treadmills?!?), some extra cardio on the rower and stationary bike and possibly some weights and just work off the stress and the spiral.

Now if only I hadn’t had a dessert date planned for tonight with a preggers friend of mine who I haven’t seen in weeks.  I think I will just get a latte and try to strengthen my peer pressure muscle. 🙂  Plus, I refuse to miss out on fun things in my life because of losing weight.  Being thin isn’t worth being a hermit in my opinion.

Oh and score extra points for turning a negative few days into a positive.  Plus I somehow managed to squeeze in two workouts while I was away–if it wasn’t for the horrible eating options, I would’ve been an all-star–esp since I got up at 5:45 to squeeze in one of those runs! 🙂  Am super proud of that–truthfully it is the silver lining of the last few days

Thanks for listening everyone!  Much Love!