So remember that blissful time when I thought that my upcoming trip to Regina would be my last business trip for awhile?  Well, guess again…I found out today I was going to Calgary the first week of April for 36 hours.  Am bummed.  I really would like to be home for awhile and not be at the airport–I feel like I live there.

On the plus side, I just made a delicious green smoothie that I drank out of an 1980’s styled Guinness pint glass that was given to me at a pub in rural Ireland on my first trip out there (a few choice pics were on my St.Paddy’s day post).  I won’t lie, the pint glass made it extra fun to drink, though it still ain’t as tasty as a pint of the black stuff.Image

Looks tasty, no?  1/2 a banana, spinach, 1/2 coconut milk, ice, water and chia seeds.  YUM!

Anyway, must hang up my sweaty workout gear (yay cross train day) and get packing for Regina.  See you next time live from the Queen City.

Much luv,